Rising Stars 2020

CMP highlights 50 of the Canadian mortgage industry’s most promising young professionals

There are myriad things that make a mortgage professional extraordinary. Some are tangible: number of deals closed, volume of mortgages funded. Others are intangible: the advice and mentor-ship given to up-and-coming professionals, the depth of care put into each client and application, truly going above and beyond instead of just using the phrase as a catchy slogan.

This year has done no favours for mortgage professionals. As the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and threw life as usual to the wayside, agents, brokers, business development managers and brokerage owners had to find a way to pivot to continue serving their clients. And many did – including several mortgage profes-sionals who were less than two years into their careers. The 50 Rising Stars on the following pages – all age 35 or younger – not only adapted to the unknown; they took hold of it and made it work for them and their clients.

While each of these 50 young professionals had their own reasons for entering the industry – from being inspired by a family member to falling into the opportunity via an internship – all of them are in it now for at least one common reason: to better the lives of those they serve.


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