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At HALO CRE Advisory, we delve into the evolving market, targeting the inherent potential of commercial real estate to address the national housing crisis and leverage the post-pandemic economic surge. Our approach centers on asset repositioning and density optimization, enabling property owners to capitalize on market opportunities. We also specialize in assisting business owners with leasehold improvements and expansions, including franchisor-mandated redesigns and refreshes, to build generational wealth and create enduring legacies.

development or redevelopment projects as part of our pre-development process to ensure each development projects have the best financing available for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

CRE (Commercial Real Estate) Advisory at HALO Advisory encompasses strategic guidance and planning for property owners to maximize the income or potential of their commercial properties. Services include feasibility studies, highest and best use analysis, development team assembly, and management of the rezoning process for redevelopment projects aimed at uncovering hidden equity and transforming underperforming sites into high-value, institutional-grade assets.

Property owners of commercial real estate assets looking to enhance the value, utility, and income-generation potential of their properties are ideal candidates. This includes owners contemplating redevelopment, rezoning, or seeking strategic advice on optimizing property performance and value.

By conducting comprehensive feasibility and planning studies, our CRE Advisory team identifies the most lucrative and sustainable uses for your property. Whether through redevelopment, rezoning, or optimization of current uses, we focus on strategies that elevate property value and income potential.

The feasibility and planning study assesses your property's current market position, potential for development, and best use scenarios. It includes market analysis, zoning and regulation reviews, economic feasibility assessments, and strategic planning to ensure that redevelopment or optimization efforts are viable and profitable.

HALO Advisory manages the entire rezoning process from application submission to final approval. This involves strategic planning, engaging with municipal authorities, community consultation, and coordinating with a development team of architects, planners, and legal experts to ensure a successful rezoning outcome.

Yes, leveraging our extensive network and industry knowledge, we carefully select and assemble a development team tailored to your project's specific needs, including architects, engineers, planners, and legal professionals, ensuring a cohesive and efficient approach to project execution.

Properties that are underutilized, located in areas with shifting market dynamics, or possess untapped potential due to outdated zoning restrictions are typically good candidates. Properties in these categories often stand to gain significantly from strategic redevelopment or rezoning initiatives.

Unlike traditional property management, which focuses on the operational aspects of maintaining a property, CRE Advisory is strategic, focusing on enhancing property value through redevelopment, rezoning, and optimizing use. Our advisory services aim to transform properties at a fundamental level, maximizing their market potential and investment return.

The first step is to contact us for an initial consultation. We'll discuss your property, goals, and how our advisory services can align with your objectives. From there, we tailor a strategic plan to navigate the complexities of commercial real estate development and investment.

Fees for our CRE Advisory Services are tailored to the scope and complexity of the project. We provide a transparent fee structure upfront, based on either a fixed project fee, a retainer model, or a success-based fee arrangement, ensuring alignment with your project goals and budget.