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HALO Mortgage Advisory
HALO Mortgage Advisory

At the core of HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc.’s mission is to revolutionize the Canadian commercial lending landscape, addressing the systemic lack of options, innovation, and competition. By centralizing the commercial borrower’s needs and offering a comprehensive array of services and advisories, we navigate the complexities of financing across all wealth spectra and business life stages. From facilitating startups and franchise developments to supporting passive and active investments in real estate, our efforts inadvertently contribute to alleviating the housing crisis, focusing on creating solutions that cater to every phase of business and entrepreneurial growth.

In an economy where commercial real estate is constantly evolving, HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. is your trusted partner in navigating the market for commercial mortgages.

Why HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc.?

Personalized Service

Every client is unique, and so are their financing needs. We take the time to understand your objectives and customize our approach accordingly.

Competitive Rates

Leveraging our vast network of lenders, we ensure you get the most favourable terms and rates available in the market using our industry-leading commercial mortgage brokering process.


Our reputation is built on trust and integrity. We prioritize your best interests, ensuring transparency every step of the way. Transparency and honesty guide every transaction we engage in.

Exclusive Access

Gain unique financing solutions through HALO Mortgage Advisory, offering everything from CMHC and private to direct lending for diverse real estate ventures.

Simplify Your Journey with Us

Our team at HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. is dedicated to providing competitive commercial mortgages for businesses, investment properties, and Low and mid rise Development projects.

Specializing in CMHC, senior, and private commercial mortgages, we empower property owners to acquire, reposition, or stabilize assets with our full service commercial mortgage offering. This strategic approach provides our clients with the flexibility to generate and preserve wealth by streamlining their commercial real estate financing.


Navigate the complexities of commercial real estate financing with HALO Advisory HALO Mortgage Advisory to access a full suite of solutions.


Leverage HALO Mortgage Advisory's unique position as a direct lender or broker partner to expand your commercial lending capabilities. Our broker services grant you access to a comprehensive suite of products, enabling you to offer more to your clients and build strong industry relationships.


Grow your wealth with HALO Mortgage Advisory by tapping into a secure, stable source of passive income through private mortgage investing. Our approach offers superior returns compared to traditional fixed income solutions, ensuring your investment portfolio benefits from strategic market insights and secure opportunities.

What Our Clients Say

– Joseph Cohen

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Stephen and his team at Halo Advisory. The amount of care and support that they have provided us is unmatched in my 30 years in business. Halo negotiated successfully on our behalf two years ago and has continued to provide advice and support that has been priceless.

If you are a business in need of assistance I would without any hesitation contact Stephen and Halo to assist with all your financial needs.”

– Kristian Dorken

“Stephen and the Halo Advisory team have always acted professionally, are very responsive to any questions, and really have made it possible to help with many aspects of business. Most importantly, Halo Advisory helped us to get financing on multiple occassions. I can't express enough how great Halo Advisory has been to myself and the people I have referred to them.”

– Michael Wong

“Halo Advisory is responsive, professional, and excellent at what they do. Alex, Anna, and team helped us secure funding and put together a solid business plan with a quick turnaround. Highly Recommend!”

Why Partner with a Commercial Mortgage Brokerage?

We are independent of any banking institutions, allowing us to offer transparent, expert advice tailored exclusively to your needs. Our unbiased perspective is a unique asset that adds value to your financial journey in a financial landscape often clouded by affiliations.

If you’re searching for a lending partner as committed to your financial success as you are, you’ve come to the right place. Forge your path forward with HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc.—where your financial dreams become attainable realities.

HALO Mortgage Advisory
HALO Mortgage Advisory