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Frequently Asked Borrower Questions

HALO Mortgage Advisory specializes in a diverse range of commercial mortgage solutions, including owner-occupied real estate, construction financing, investment properties, mixed-use developments, and specialized property financing.
Our CMHC Correspondent designation empowers us to directly engage with CMHC, allowing us to precisely gauge their lending and insurance terms. This direct line of communication ensures we can underwrite effectively and recommend the best CMHC lender options available, optimizing financing solutions for multi-unit residential properties, including both affordable and market rental housing.
Our process begins with a preliminary analysis of your requirements, followed by a comprehensive internal underwriting evaluation, lender matchmaking, review of term sheets, and final lender underwriting, leading to funding upon acceptance of the commitment letter.
HALO Mortgage Advisory offers tailored financing solutions for special-purpose properties, including self-storage units, schools, and event venues, addressing their unique financial needs.
Yes, we offer a variety of residential mortgage services catering to high-net-worth individuals and business owners, luxury property financing, stated income mortgages, and more.
HALO provides private mortgage options, focusing on flexibility, fast access to capital, and tailored solutions for complex projects and situations where traditional financing may not be suitable.

HALO Mortgage Advisory enhances the journey for first-time investors with comprehensive guidance, including industry term education and navigation through the commercial real estate investment landscape. Our approach includes aligning investors with a team of commercial real estate-specialized professionals such as realtors, accountants, lawyers, appraisers, and environmental consultants, ensuring every aspect of your investment is covered by expert advice.

Have more questions or need personalized guidance for your borrowing needs? Contact our expert team at HALO Mortgage Advisory for tailored solutions that align with your goals.