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Elevating Success through
Collaborative Excellence

Navigating the intricacies of commercial finance demands more than isolated expertise; it calls for a synergistic community of professionals. We believe it takes a village to complete a commercial deal–this is where you come in. By entrusting your commercial leads to us, you become part of a specialized network committed to collective financial success. Together, we’re not just closing deals but creating lasting financial legacies.

HALO Mortgage Advisory

Direct Lending Program

The Broker Direct Lending Program is tailored for brokers who prefer a direct submission route, for those not looking to co-broker–offering a streamlined process to work with us as a lender. Get onboarded and unlock the potential to submit deals directly to HALO Mortgage Advisory, enhancing your service offerings and benefiting from our comprehensive lending solutions.

Simple Referral Program

This program allows brokers to extend their range of services by referring commercial mortgage leads to HALO Mortgage Advisory. It's a simple and efficient way for brokers to engage with commercial lending without needing to handle the intricacies themselves. In return, brokers earn referral fees, enhancing their earnings while ensuring their clients receive expert commercial mortgage solutions.

Business Advisory Services

HALO Advisory Inc. offers a streamlined referral program for brokers, focusing on non-mortgage business financing. This service allows brokers to add value by linking clients with expert financial strategies and advice, enhancing their portfolio while adhering to insurance limitations on consulting activities.

What Our Clients Say

– Joseph Cohen

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Stephen and his team at Halo Advisory. The amount of care and support that they have provided us is unmatched in my 30 years in business. Halo negotiated successfully on our behalf two years ago and has continued to provide advice and support that has been priceless.

If you are a business in need of assistance I would without any hesitation contact Stephen and Halo to assist with all your financial needs.”

– Kristian Dorken

“Stephen and the Halo Advisory team have always acted professionally, are very responsive to any questions, and really have made it possible to help with many aspects of business. Most importantly, Halo Advisory helped us to get financing on multiple occassions. I can't express enough how great Halo Advisory has been to myself and the people I have referred to them.”

– Michael Wong

“Halo Advisory is responsive, professional, and excellent at what they do. Alex, Anna, and team helped us secure funding and put together a solid business plan with a quick turnaround. Highly Recommend!”

HALO Mortgage Advisory

Partner with HALO Mortgage Advisory

Enhance your brokerage with HALO Mortgage Advisory, a lender attuned to mortgage brokers’ needs. We offer multiple engagement avenues for brokers to serve their clients effectively while generating additional revenue. Our deep understanding of commercial real estate financing ensures each project receives bespoke financial solutions, backed by our extensive experience and market knowledge.