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Frequently Asked Investor Questions

HALO Mortgage Advisory combines extensive industry experience centered around due dilligence management, cash flow, successful entry and exit for the investor.

We offer mortgage investment opportunity’s into private mortgages backed by commercial, residential properties, income producing or construction.
Our underwriting process rigorously ensures every investment matches our high standards of due diligence and risk management, prioritizing client satisfaction and return of capital. Beyond evaluating deals, we guarantee that each investor receives comprehensive legal and accounting support. This ensures a deep understanding of their legal, tax, and liquidity needs, fitting seamlessly into their broader wealth management strategies before recommending any private mortgage investment.
Our dual capability as lenders, brokers and CMHC Correspondents, combined with deep-rooted industry knowledge and experience as commercial bankers and award winning commercial mortgage brokers, positions us uniquely to navigate the commercial lending landscape with precision and create solid entry and exit plans for investors on each investment.
Accredited investors can engage in secure, real estate-backed opportunities, offering diversification and potential for higher returns.

Interested in learning more about investment opportunities with HALO Mortgage Advisory? Connect with our investment specialist, Stephen Thomas, today to explore how we can help you achieve your financial objectives.

Stephen Thomas