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Frequently Asked Broker Questions

Use our online submission form or download or PDF submission/referral document and complete, submit, and email supporting documents to info@haloadvisory.ca.
Our rates are based on the risk profile of the deal, market conditions, and other specific factors. Our commitment is to provide your clients with the best possible terms and conditions available in the market through our commercial brokering process to generate multiple competitive bids on their opportunity
Transparency is paramount to us. Any fees involved will be communicated and in our commercial mortgage mandate agreement or Letter of Interest (for direct lending). We do not believe in hidden charges.
Our flexibility allows us to adeptly represent both borrowers and lenders, impartial to either side, especially in situations where we serve both roles. Whether through our co-broker agreements or our direct lending program, our objective is clear: to align the transaction with the best interests of all parties involved. At the onboarding stage, we ensure full support from referring brokers, whether we're lending directly or brokering the deal, always striving for the optimal outcome for each unique scenario.
Our referral program for agents streamlines the process of connecting clients with the right commercial mortgage. From the moment of referral, we engage with the client, assess their needs, propose solutions, and manage the execution. Referring brokers can choose their involvement level, from being actively updated via emails and calls to simply awaiting their referral fee post-closing, assured by our co-broker agreement with HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc.
Over the last six years, our clients, having directly experienced the impact of sudden lender decisions, have grown to trust our services deeply. Many, recognizing the value we offer, especially in navigating the uncertainties of the market and traditional lender inconsistencies, have chosen to reinvest with us. They see the potential in supporting others through private mortgages, helping them realize their goals despite market fluctuations and the unpredictability of senior lenders.
Every deal undergoes our rigorous underwriting process, ensuring it aligns with our high standards. With over 75 years of combined experience in originating, underwriting, adjudicating, and collecting commercial mortgages and business loans for Canada's chartered banks, our team at HALO Mortgage Advisory brings unparalleled expertise. This rich background forms the foundation of our trusted reputation, ensuring that both our lenders and borrowers benefit from well-handled, successful financial transactions.
Our underwriting process is grounded in over 75 years of collective experience in originating, underwriting, adjudicating, and managing commercial mortgages and business loans for Canada's chartered banks. This depth of experience ensures every deal meets our rigorous standards, building our reputation on trust and consistent delivery of results for both lenders and borrowers.
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