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Maximizing Returns with
Strategic Investment Solutions

Drawing upon our combined 75+ years of experience in the commercial banking and mortgage industry, HALO Mortgage Advisory is steadfast in its commitment to diligence, transparency, and exceptional risk management. Our lending philosophy is not just a guideline—it’s the bedrock upon which we’ve built our operations.

We place unparalleled emphasis on due diligence management. Each commercial file that comes through our doors undergoes a meticulous assessment using our proprietary underwriting guidelines. We scrutinize every deal, delving deep into each facet of risk to develop a well-rounded profile. This ensures that every private mortgage we arrange sets both the borrower and the investor toward a rewarding financial relationship.

HALO Mortgage Advisory

Our underwriting process aims for a balanced risk profile that ensures both parties have a viable entry and exit strategy. We deliver a crystal-clear roadmap for borrowers and investors by outlining clear risks and providing mitigating strategies.

We work tirelessly to ensure that a well-considered, feasible exit plan anchors each mortgage we underwrite. Our core ethos is about nurturing long-term relationships based on trust, and our rigorous approach to lending embodies this commitment.

HALO Mortgage Advisory’s Investor Services enable investors to diversify with non-correlated real estate investments, offering an alternative to traditional stocks or direct property ownership. Investors gain the opportunity to finance mortgages in familiar or new asset classes, like hotels or apartments, enjoying the benefits of real estate exposure without the complexities of direct management, providing a streamlined avenue to bolster their portfolio with secured real estate cash flows.


Investing in Private Mortgages

Investing in Private Mortgages through HALO Mortgage Advisory offers a distinctive opportunity for investors. This service lets you engage in secure, real estate-backed opportunities, presenting a stable and attractive alternative to volatile traditional market investments. It's an ideal choice for those prioritizing steady and reliable returns from solid, tangible assets, making it a crucial part of a diversified investment portfolio.


Commercial Lending Process

Our Commercial Lending Process utilizes thorough due diligence to uncover investment opportunities, aligning borrower needs with investor interests for mutual benefit. Through engaging with clients and conducting a detailed needs analysis, we match private mortgage requests with investors seeking specific types of opportunities. This approach ensures tailored, win-win solutions for both borrowers and investors, enhancing our clients' portfolios through strategic commercial real estate lending.

HALO Mortgage Advisory

Partner with HALO Mortgage Advisory

In the diverse realm of commercial real estate financing, you need a partner who understands the intricacies of each venture. HALO Mortgage Advisory combines experience, market insights, and a commitment to client success–ensuring every project gets the tailored financial support it deserves.

“The Halo team (Connie, Anna, Stephen) was excellent in helping me build a solid business plan and secure a funding for a business I am starting up. The whole Halo team is very professional and the process was seamless. Securing funds have always been one of my main concerns with starting a business but Halo makes it really easy.

I can't say enough good things about this team and I will work with them again if/when the time comes to expand my business. 100% highly recommended.”

– Ed M.