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Strategic Investment Paths for Discerning Wealth Builders

At HALO Capital Advisory, we understand that accredited investors seek a distinctive approach to growing their wealth—one that diverges from the standard retail investment route. Our mission is to align your investment profile with sophisticated, non-correlated investment opportunities designed to deliver on your expected risk-adjusted returns.


lucrative endeavors. Our development portfolio includes an array of projects from high-rise landmarks to mid-rise communities, low-rise, and institutional apartments, essentials, and strategic rezoning efforts, with a particular focus on the dynamic Southern Ontario market.

What Our Clients Say

– Joseph Cohen

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Stephen and his team at Halo Advisory. The amount of care and support that they have provided us is unmatched in my 30 years in business. Halo negotiated successfully on our behalf two years ago and has continued to provide advice and support that has been priceless.

If you are a business in need of assistance I would without any hesitation contact Stephen and Halo to assist with all your financial needs.”

– Kristian Dorken

“Stephen and the Halo Advisory team have always acted professionally, are very responsive to any questions, and really have made it possible to help with many aspects of business. Most importantly, Halo Advisory helped us to get financing on multiple occassions. I can't express enough how great Halo Advisory has been to myself and the people I have referred to them.”

– Michael Wong

“Halo Advisory is responsive, professional, and excellent at what they do. Alex, Anna, and team helped us secure funding and put together a solid business plan with a quick turnaround. Highly Recommend!”

Cultivate Your Portfolio with Precision


Connect with HALO Capital Advisory today to explore a spectrum of investment opportunities. Our expertise offers you access to institutional-style, income-producing, or development commercial real estate investments, both directly and indirectly. Whether for registered tax-sheltered accounts or non-registered cash accounts, we provide a diverse range of investment vehicles including limited partnerships, MICs, REITs, private corporations, and joint ventures. This approach aims to deliver above-average returns, diversifying your portfolio away from stock market volatility and enriching your investment strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

HALO Capital Advisory specializes in offering investors non-correlated investment options outside of traditional stock and real estate markets. We provide access to both direct and indirect institutional-grade commercial real estate projects, including income-generating assets and development or redevelopment projects across various asset classes.

By partnering with HALO Capital Advisory, you gain access to a curated selection of commercial real estate investments that stand apart from typical market fluctuations. Our focus on non-correlated assets allows investors to diversify their portfolios, potentially reducing risk and achieving more stable returns in diverse economic conditions.

We offer a broad spectrum of investment opportunities, including direct and indirect investments in institutional-grade commercial real estate income assets and real estate development or redevelopment projects. Our portfolio spans various asset classes, offering flexibility in investment choices and capital structures.

Our services are tailored for accredited investors, institutional investors, and sophisticated parties looking for alternative investment opportunities to enhance their portfolios. These investors should be interested in diversifying their investment strategies with non-correlated asset classes.

Institutional-grade real estate projects refer to high-quality, large-scale investment opportunities typically favored by institutional investors due to their potential for stable returns and long-term value appreciation. These projects meet strict criteria for location, tenant quality, revenue generation, and management standards.

Yes, HALO Capital Advisory works with both experienced and new investors exploring non-correlated or real estate investments. We offer educational support and detailed investment analysis to help all investors make informed decisions suited to their experience level and investment goals.

Through our extensive network of capital partners and deep market insights, we source a range of institutional commercial real estate income assets and development projects. Our rigorous due diligence process ensures that we only offer opportunities that align with our standards for quality and potential return.

As with any investment, risks can include market volatility, project-specific challenges, and liquidity constraints. However, our focus on institutional-grade projects and thorough vetting process aim to mitigate these risks. We transparently communicate potential risks and rewards to help investors make well-informed decisions.

To start investing with HALO Capital Advisory, the first step is to verify your status as an accredited or institutional investor. Following this, we'll guide you through completing our KYC and Investment Suitability assessments to ensure the opportunities we present align with your investment criteria and goals.

Minimum investment levels can vary based on the specific project and investment structure. We discuss investment minimums upfront for each opportunity, ensuring clarity and alignment with your investment capacity and objectives.

For more information or to discuss potential investment opportunities, please contact HALO Capital Advisory directly. Our team is ready to help you navigate the landscape of non-correlated asset investments and find the right opportunities for your portfolio.