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At HALO we are a highly specialized boutique mortgage brokerage and advisory firm servicing a select client base that enables them to secure the right financing for their specific needs.  


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Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate

mortgage professionals canadaTelling you what the banks can’t

When a company wants to buy its building, they are usually in high growth mode needing more space and looking to build equity, such as restaurateur Scott Loptson. 

For others, it is not just a matter of expansion but of gaining control over the future of their business to avoid costly and unexpected rent hikes.

In each of these instances, the expert advice from HALO Advisory’s mortgage professionals in Canada provided guidance to enable these and countless other clients to successfully address their owner-occupied commercial real estate needs so they could focus on what they do best – grow their business.

HALO makes sense of a complex commercial lending market to secure the right financing with the right lenders at the right time for the right situation.

Gaining control of your commercial real estate needs is not just about securing a mortgage – it is about securing your business and its future.

Client References: Scott Loptson, P.Eng. and Dr. Kris Dorken

Land Development and Construction Financing

We do our best so that you can focus on your best

When it comes to Low and Mid Rise construction financing, the most significant challenge clients face is the extensive work required with every development or redevelopment project. There are also many unknowns that require developer attention – as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Having to handle arranging the project financing and navigating various zoning, entitlement, and construction issues prevalent in land development projects is an added responsibility for which most do not have the cycles.

At HALO, our mortgage professionals in Canada understand the impact of growth beyond the initial transaction, which is why we lay a solid foundation of due diligence, financing systems, and processes to streamline our developer clients’ land and development projects. The ability of our mortgage professionals to handle the financing of your business allows you to focus on what you do best once the commercial lending is committed.

Client References: La Caban Developments

Investment Commercial Real Estate

commercial real estate mortgage professionalsHelping you to navigate the many roads to Rome

When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, the saying, “All roads lead to Rome,” has never been more accurate.

The biggest challenges are managing the expectations and interests of all stakeholders, such as buyers, sellers, realtors, lawyers and ultimately the lender, converging into a deal that delivers optimal outcomes for all transaction participants.

“In our recent real estate acquisition, we contacted Stephen during mid-night when we were negotiating with the seller. We also had some hiccups when obtaining financing. Stephen did two rounds of work and got us the best financing deal. If you need a mortgage for your commercial property, go with Stephen. Highly recommended.” – Helen Mingyue Xu, Founder at AT International Capital Inc.

The key to commercial real estate investment success is recognizing and managing complexity beyond a simple transaction. The expertise and proven track record of HALO’s mortgage professionals in Canada in managing the diverse interests of multiple stakeholders are reflected in the success of the firm’s clients.

Client References:

Residential Mortgages

residential mortgage professionals canadaServing sophisticated clients with sophisticated borrowing needs

Purchasing a residential home for more than $5 million has layers of complexity beyond a simple mortgage. It requires your mortgage professional in Canada to have a level of expertise and be well-versed in both retail and commercial lending practices.

Understanding the rules for how different lenders will treat self-employed income to achieve the right balance between minimizing taxes and maximizing borrowing power or leverage are just two key factors that must be considered.

At HALO Advisory, our mortgage professionals bring the necessary expertise to properly structure the deal to match the right borrower with the right (sophisticated) lender by considering various factors, including proper tax planning strategies with a licenced accountant.

Client References:

Special Use Commercial Properties

mortgage professionals canadaNavigating the Complexity of Special Use Properties

Behind every commercial loan application, there is a regulatory framework and risk appetite that lenders must consider and adhere to. The process is relatively straightforward if you want to acquire a property that fits within the standard regulatory and risk framework, such as an apartment building. In short, you are seeking financing within the confines of the lenders’ accepted comfort zone.

However, when you look at funding “special use” properties such as churches, hotels or gas stations, there is an increase of risk in the eyes of the lenders.

Our mortgage professionals in Canada have expertise in special use properties and understand the complexity of the financing request. We look beyond the obvious and understand the highest and best use of the special use asset. Whether you are looking to fund capital improvements, expansion, or repositioning the asset now or in the future, HALO’s mortgage professionals work with you. We match the right lender with your business or a private lender in our Mortgage Brokerage with experience in your project who may provide bridge lending to your project until the asset is stabilized to go back to the Banks.

Client References: 

Business Advisory

mortgage professionals canada

At HALO Advisory, our Mission is your Success

With over 75 years of Canadian Banking industry experience, our MISSION is to ensure you receive the most favourable terms and conditions for your financing requirements by providing guidance and transparency throughout the various stages of the commercial lending process.

As our client, we will build a customized financial model for you based on your business goals and an understanding of the unique challenges you face or are likely to face in a rapidly evolving market.

Through our proprietary underwriting process, our mortgage professionals in Canada help you develop a lending strategy BEFORE approaching the lending market to ensure everyone involved is speaking the same “lender” language.

Whatever your specific needs, HALO Advisory’s mortgage professionals have the expertise to deliver the results you need to succeed in both business and personal financial matters.

Business Plans are the basis for all successful enterprises. We assist start-ups and existing businesses by creating a plan that articulates the business’s quantitative and qualitative goals. HALO partners with franchisees and franchisors by creating a seamless financing experience with qualified lenders.

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