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Securing Home Dreams with Expert Guidance and Support

At HALO Mortgage Advisory, we understand that every homeowner’s journey is unique. That’s why we offer personalized residential mortgage services to fit a variety of circumstances and lifestyles.

Whether purchasing your first home, refinancing an existing property or constructing your dream residence, our team of experts is committed to guiding you through the process with tailored advice and comprehensive support and solutions.

We’re here to ensure your mortgage experience is seamless, straightforward, and aligned with your long-term financial goals.

Residential Mortgages​
Residential Mortgages​

Discover the right mortgage solution for you below.

Business Owner Mortgage Program
Business Owner Mortgage Program

Business Owner Mortgage Program(s)

Being at the helm of a business shouldn’t complicate your residential mortgage journey. We understand the unique financial profiles of entrepreneurs, and our residential mortgage solutions are tailored to each chapter of your homeownership journey. Let us guide you through a seamless mortgage experience, ensuring your home financing is as comfortable as the home itself.

Luxury Residential Property
Luxury Residential Property

Luxury Residential Property (Jumbo) Mortgages: Beyond Boundaries

Luxury isn’t just a lifestyle; it’s an experience. For upscale properties that exceed conventional loan limits, our Jumbo Mortgages stand ready. Dive into an unparalleled mortgage experience befitting your luxurious pursuit.

Dream Home Construction Mortgages
Dream Home Construction Mortgages

Dream Home Construction Mortgages: From Blueprint to Reality

The journey from a plot and blueprint to the walls and roofs of your dream home is exhilarating. Our Dream Home Construction Mortgages provide the financial scaffolding, ensuring your vision transforms into your dream dwelling.

Financial Elegance
Financial Elegance

High Net Worth Mortgages: Tailored Financial Elegance

For those with distinguished financial portfolios and complex, non traditional income from business or investment sources. Our high-net-worth mortgages reflect sophistication and discretion. Embrace a mortgage experience befitting your assets, with flexibility and benefits tailored to your financial stature.

Stated Income Mortgages

Stated Income Mortgages: Clarity in Complexity

Traditional income verification isn’t the only way to secure a home. Our Stated Income Mortgages offer a transparent and streamlined solution for those with non-traditional income sources. Your financial story matters; we’re here to ensure it’s told correctly.

Snowbirds Mortgage
Snowbirds Mortgage

Snowbirds Mortgage: Embrace Dual Destinations

For those who flutter between climates, our Snowbirds Mortgage ensures your home away from home is on solid financial ground. Whether it’s a sun-kissed condo down south or a cozy cabin up north, we’ve got you covered.

HALO Mortgage Advisory

Partner with HALO Mortgage Advisory

For personalized residential mortgage solutions, partner with HALO Mortgage Advisory. Tailored for homeowners and potential buyers, our services bridge the gap to homeownership, offering specialized mortgage options beyond conventional financing. Whether you’re buying your first home or investing in property, HALO Mortgage Advisory is committed to providing the guidance and financial solutions you need to turn your residential dreams into reality efficiently.

“Stephen has the valuable combination of knowledge, experience, large network, and exemplary work ethic. I have worked with countless lenders and brokers from every major bank as well as alternative lenders while growing my real estate portfolio over the past 9 years in 5 different provinces and two different countries, and I can confidently put Stephen right near the top of my list for my preference to work with on credit applications that matter.

I also had a 16 year career with CIBC and I wish all of the staff had the skills that Stephen has. When push comes to shove if I have a credit application I need to get approved and with the most favourable terms possible, Stephen is my person. If you would like further examples about Stephen’s abilities feel free to reach out to me and I will gladly elaborate further.”

– Brock A. Rogerson

Frequently Asked Questions

HALO Advisory specializes in providing residential mortgage solutions tailored specifically for business owners. Our options include traditional mortgages, refinancing, investment property financing, and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), all designed to meet the unique financial situations of entrepreneurs.

Understanding the unique challenges business owners face in proving income, HALO Advisory leverages our extensive experience and network to present your financial situation in the best light to lenders. We guide you through providing the necessary documentation and crafting a compelling application to secure competitive mortgage rates.

Business owners typically need to provide more comprehensive documentation, including but not limited to, personal and business tax returns, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and proof of business ownership. HALO Advisory will advise you on the specific documents required for your application.

Yes, we offer refinancing solutions that can help business owners take advantage of lower interest rates, consolidate debts, or access equity from their property for business investment or personal use.

Business owners often face challenges in proving stable income. HALO Advisory overcomes these challenges by using alternative documentation and our deep understanding of lender requirements to demonstrate your ability to afford the mortgage, ensuring lenders view your application favorably.

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your application and the speed at which you can provide the necessary documentation. Generally, the process from application to approval can take from a few days to several weeks. We strive to expedite your application while ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

Yes, some mortgage products are more suited to the variable income streams of business owners, such as those offering more flexibility in terms or requiring less traditional forms of income verification. Our team will help identify the best products based on your individual needs.

While owning a business does not automatically affect the interest rate you can qualify for, the way your income is structured and documented can influence lender perceptions and the rates they offer. HALO Advisory strives to secure the most competitive rates for business owners.

HALO Advisory brings a wealth of experience in navigating the mortgage market for business owners, combining personalized service with a deep understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face. Our dedicated approach ensures that you receive a mortgage solution that aligns with both your personal and business financial goals.

Initiating the process is simple. Reach out to us for a personalized consultation where we'll discuss your specific needs, financial situation, and the mortgage solutions that can best support your goals as a business owner.

We believe in transparency. Any fees associated with our mortgage brokerage services will be discussed upfront during your consultation. Our goal is to provide you with clear, understandable options without any unexpected costs.

A residential mortgage broker can save you time and money by comparing rates and terms from multiple lenders, negotiating on your behalf, and guiding you through the application and closing process. Our expertise can help you avoid common pitfalls and secure the best possible mortgage terms.