MAE Inspire with Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas is the CEO & Founder of HALO Advisory Inc., HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc., and TMG Black Capital and Stephen is where high finance meets commercial real estate.   He is passionate about commercial real estate and the commercial mortgage industry. Stephen is known for providing award winning advice and solutions on complex mortgage

Canadian Mortgage Broker Magazine – Winter 2021

Commercial mortgage professional Stephen Thomas helps businesses succeed by arranging financing for new offices, shopping plazas and apartment buildings. He's also in the business of building a better world, leveraging his professional platform to help make a difference.   To view the full featured article, please visit this article.

Raising the Standard

After almost a decade in the banking industry, Stephen Thomas hit the ground running when he moved into the commercial mortgage space. His competitors have been playing catch-up ever since Few people dream of being a banker, but plenty of bankers see their dreams come true. Stephen Thomas certainly didn’t see himself becoming one, but

HALO Advisory launches Independent Mortgage Brokerage

TORONTO, Jan. 17, 2022 — HALO today announced HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc., a new full-service Commercial Mortgage Brokerage. HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. is an independent mortgage brokerage that offers commercial mortgage services to commercial property owners, residential mortgage brokerages, and commercial real estate industry professionals. HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc.’s commercial lending programs include: Full Service

Stephen Thomas, HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. wins Best Commercial Mortgage Broker Award of Excellence

TORONTO, Nov. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On November 24, 2021, Mortgage Awards of Excellence named Stephen Thomas, HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. the winner of Best Commercial Mortgage Broker of the Year at 2021. The award recognizes achievement and the pursuit of distinction in Canada’s mortgage industry. “To win the Best Commercial Broker Award in