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At HALO Business Advisory, we recognize the unique dynamics of franchising within the small business ecosystem. Our Business Plan Services extend to franchisors and franchisees, providing tailored plans that align with franchising financing programs across North America.

Franchise Services are designed to enhance the franchise buying and selling process, ensuring franchisee prospects are well-equipped for financial approval. We craft business plans that meet specific needs, whether for the Canada Small Business Financing Program or U.S. Small Business Administration loans.

For franchisors, we offer package solutions and expert writing services to prepare franchisees for bank presentations, positioning them as worthy candidates for financing.

Franchisees receive detailed planning support, including financial projections and key assumptions, to lay a validated path to success. This essential documentation serves immediate financing purposes and offers a reflective tool for ongoing growth and adaptation.

With HALO Business Advisory, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services and professionals to support your franchise’s growth from inception to expansion, ensuring every financial aspect is strategically planned and articulated.

Start your tailored business plan today and secure your franchise’s future.

“Stephen has the valuable combination of knowledge, experience, large network, and exemplary work ethic. I have worked with countless lenders and brokers from every major bank as well as alternative lenders while growing my real estate portfolio over the past 9 years in 5 different provinces and two different countries, and I can confidently put Stephen right near the top of my list for my preference to work with on credit applications that matter.

I also had a 16 year career with CIBC and I wish all of the staff had the skills that Stephen has. When push comes to shove if I have a credit application I need to get approved and with the most favourable terms possible, Stephen is my person. If you would like further examples about Stephen’s abilities feel free to reach out to me and I will gladly elaborate further.”

– Brock A. Rogerson

Frequently Asked Questions

HALO Advisory specializes in providing comprehensive business plan development and financing strategy services for prospective franchisees. We guide you through the process of securing financing for your franchise purchase and ensuring that your business model aligns with your financial goals.

Absolutely. Our business plans are meticulously crafted with financing acquisition in mind. We leverage our extensive commercial banking experience to create compelling plans that cater to the specific requirements of lenders and investors interested in franchise opportunities.

The timeline for delivering a fully developed franchise business plan is approximately two weeks from when we receive the last essential piece of information. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring your plan is detailed, thorough, and tailored to your needs.

We offer specialized service packages for franchise business plans, and our pricing reflects the tailored approach we take for each client. Costs can vary depending on the complexity of the franchise model and the depth of consulting required.

Our team's unique blend of over 75 years of commercial banking experience sets us apart. This expertise allows us to produce franchise business plans that not only present a clear path for success but also meet the stringent criteria of lenders and franchisors.

We require detailed information about your chosen franchise, your background, financial projections, the market environment, and your strategy for operation and growth. The more information you can provide, the more personalized and effective your business plan will be.

Yes, even when purchasing an existing franchise, a business plan is critical. It not only helps in securing financing but also assists in strategizing for future growth and navigating the transition of ownership.

Lenders require a comprehensive business plan with detailed financial projections, assumptions, and cash flow forecasts to make informed decisions. Our business plans are designed to meet these requirements, showcasing your franchise's potential and mitigating perceived risks by lenders.

Certainly. Our services are designed to support not only new franchisees but also existing ones looking to expand. We provide tailored advisory services to ensure your expansion is strategically planned and financed appropriately.

Contact us directly to discuss your specific franchise goals. We’ll schedule a consultation to understand your needs and begin the process of developing your business plan and financing strategy.