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What can you expect from a commercial finance company with over 75 years of Canadian Banking industry experience?

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About Halo Advisory

With Halo’s commercial mortgage brokers, you can expect proven and innovative approaches to solving your biggest financing challenges, meeting your most pressing needs and peace of mind. It’s time to work with a firm that knows how to deliver the results when you need them.

Whether you are looking to grow a commercial real estate portfolio or already developing medium and high-density projects in this highly competitive and, at times, complex market, Halo Advisory’s team of commercial mortgage brokers will work with you each step of the way.

Whether thriving or facing new or unexpected challenges, we use our Advisory approach to commercial lending transactions to provide business owners with a customized financing solution.

HALO Advisory is one of Canada’s leading commercial finance companies for a reason. Besides providing business and leading real estate advisory services, commercial and residential mortgages, private mortgage and equity investment opportunities HALO Advisory Inc. and HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. delivers results!

The Industries we serve

We are real estate and business financing specialists and generalists and work with businesses in various industries and asset classes, including but not limited to:

  1. Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate (Business purchasing their building)
  2. Low/Mid Rise Construction Financing
  3. Investment Commercial Real Estate (Investor purchase and leasing to tenants)
  4. Hotel
  5. Special Use Property Financing (Includes places of worship, single-use, self-storage, and environmentally sensitive properties) 
  6. Industrial Properties
  7. Office Properties
  8. Gas Stations
  9. Retirement Homes
commercial mortgage broker
commercial mortgage broker

Our Mission

With over 75 years of Canadian Banking industry experience, our MISSION is to ensure you receive the most favourable terms and conditions for your transaction by providing guidance and transparency throughout the various stages of the commercial lending process.

Our commercial mortgage brokers are passionate ex-bankers who understand the challenges of the commercial lending process. As a result, we tailor our services to “bridge the gap” to streamline communication between borrowers and lenders.

We do this by building a customized financial model for our clients by taking the time to know your business goals and understand the unique challenges you face or are likely to face in a rapidly evolving market. In addition, through our proprietary underwriting process, we help you develop your lending strategy BEFORE approaching the lending market to ensure that we can hold lenders accountable and ensure everyone involved is speaking the same “lender” language.

Our Values

Choices, transparency, integrity

Accountability, commitment, quality

Equality – gender and race

Financial literacy – basics of credit reports and credit usage


Immigrant success and opportunity

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