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HALO Business Advisory

We assist small to mid-sized business owners with arranging new credit or negotiating existing financial terms.

HALO Mortgage Advisory

Our services streamline mortgage and investment solutions in commercial real estate, offering CMHC, bank, private, and construction mortgages. We specialize in a range of real estate asset classes, delivering both brokerage and comprehensive mortgage services effectively.

HALO Capital Advisory

Catering to accredited investors, access to passive investment opportunities in commercial real estate backed income generating and residential development opportunities.

HALO CRE Advisory

HALO CRE Advisory expertly navigates the commercial real estate sector, providing transformative solutions for property optimization. We also assist business owners with leasehold improvement buildout for their franchisees or business premises.


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Recognizing the gap in financial literacy among accredited investors, we offer guidance on structuring these investments effectively. Our philosophy aligns with institutional strategies, aiming for a balanced allocation to ensure robust, non-correlated returns. By assembling or enhancing your professional team, we strive to unlock new wealth avenues, focusing exclusively on accredited investors and those within their personal networks.

Whether you're a borrower, investor, developer, or mortgage broker, our client-focused approach ensures tailored, effective solutions to match your unique journey.

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